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Welcome to Symmetrix!

Our Mission

Symmetrix intends to bring technology-driven solutions to its customers in a way that makes it an integral part of their business. The company believes that a thorough understanding of the industry along with its commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction is what makes this mission possible.



Company Profile

Symmetrix Consulting, established in 1996, caters to the diverse technological needs of the distribution industry. In this information age where technology is only a means to an end, the challenge for companies is to keep focus on achieving growth and meeting business targets regardless of the technological means employed to reach such goals.

Symmetrix intends to be a partner in business, offering a range of solutions to its customers-Products, Services and Training. As an IBM Business Partner, the company brings to its customers the very best in hardware and software along with its own people, who are one of the best in the industry with wide-ranging skills from AS/400 to Personal Computing platforms and Server-Centric to Client-Server applications. Success at Symmetrix is measured in terms of excellence at work as well as by the level of customer satisfaction to which the company has made unflinching commitment.

Contact Information


2625 Butterfield Road

Suite 138S

Oak Brook, IL 60523                                              

Tel:  630-574-1356                                           

Fax: 630-355-7872



2510/1 (202/E), 27th Cross

7th Main, 3rd Block Jayanagar

Bangalore, 560 011

Tel: +91 (80) 663-4668

Fax: +91 (80) 663-4229


E mail

General: info@cmetrix.com                           

Sales: sales@cmetrix.com



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